The purpose of the Bachelor of Business Administration program is to prepare students for career opportunities across virtually any industry. This program is designed to provide students with a broad knowledge in a variety of core business subjects, giving them a holistic perspective of how each area contributes to overall success. Students will acquire essential skill sets employers are seeking, such as business strategy, management and operations, marketing, accounting, sports, and paralegal, IT management.


By the time a student graduates from this program, he/she will be able to:

  • Apply managerial decision making through utilizing best practices in business.

  • Interpret business concepts, principles, and financial strategies.

  • Examine the effects of globalization on their work environment.

  • Analyze financial statements.

Graduation Requirements

The Bachelor of Business Administration program requires a total of 120 credits hours, including 45 credit hours of General Education requirements, and 75 credit hours of Major requirements. Major requirements include 59 credit hours of Core Courses and 16 credit hours of Concentration courses. A full-time student following the curricular plan provided will be able to complete the program in eight semesters, or four years. General education courses are organized into four main categories. Each course may only be used once in a degree. Students are encouraged to work with an academic advisor to plan their general education requirements.


Humanity / Fine Arts (15 cr. required) 
English Composition I (3 cr)
English Composition II (3 cr)
Introduction to Philosophy (3 cr)
Introduction to Mass Communications (3 cr)
Introduction to Spanish (3 cr)  
Introduction to Korean (3 cr)                             
Public Speaking (3 cr)                                 
Survey of the Bible (3 cr)                             
World Religions (3 cr)                                      

Social / Behavioral Sciences (15 cr. required)
U. S. Government (3 cr)
U. S. History I (3 cr)
U. S. History II (3 cr)
Contemporary Ethics (3 cr)
Introduction to Psychology (3 cr)
Introduction to Sociology (3 cr)
Introduction to Economics (3 cr)


Natural Sciences / Mathematics (15 cr required)

General Biology (3 cr)
General Chemistry (3 cr)
General Physics (3 cr)
College Algebra (3 cr)
Principles of Statistics (3 cr)
Quantitative Business Analysis (3 cr)               
Calculus I (3 cr)
Calculus II (3 cr)

Core Courses (59 credit hours)

Principles of Marketing (3 cr)
Introduction to Economics (3 cr)
Accounting I: Financial Accounting (3 cr)
Accounting II: Managerial Accounting (3 cr)
Ethical and Legal Issues in Business (3 cr)
Organizational Behavior and Management (3 cr)
Managerial Decision-Making (3 cr)
Human Resources Management (3 cr)
Risk Management (3 cr)
Financial Management (3 cr)
Marketing Management (3 cr)
Operations Management (3 cr)
Business Policies and Strategies (3 cr)
Internship (3 cr)

Hospitality/Tourism Concentration(15 cr. hrs)

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism (3 cr)

Accounting for Hospitality and Tourism (3 cr)

Facilities Management and Design in Hospitality and Tourism (3 cr)

Resort Management and Operations (3 cr)

Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism (3 cr)

Marketing Concentration (15 credits hours)

Internet Marketing Principles (3 cr)

Consumer Behavior (3 cr)

Marketing Research (3 cr)

Advertising (3 cr)

Strategic Marketing (3 cr)

Direct Marketing (3 cr)

Sport Management Concentration (15 cr. hrs)

Introduction to Sport Management (3 cr)
Sport Business (3 cr)
Sport Marketing (3 cr)
Sport, Society, and Ethics (3 cr)
Sales within Sport (3 cr)
Brand Management (3 cr)
Sport Facilities Management (3 cr)

Legal Study Concentration (15 cr. hrs)

Laws and Legal System (3 cr)
Contract Law Practice (3 cr)
Legal Ethics (3 cr)
Computers and the Law (3 cr)
Paralegal Procedure (3 cr)
Real Estate Laws and Rules Pre-Licensure (75 hours) (5 cr)

IT Concentration (15 cr. hrs)

Information security Assurance:
Principles and Practices (3 cr)
Fundamentals of Data Communications (3 cr)
Programming for Data Processing (3 cr)
Computer System Development and
Design (3 cr)
Information Systems Security (3 cr)
Network Administration (3 cr)
Advanced Database Management
Systems (3 cr)


Human Resources Specialists
Legal Assistant
Sports Business Manager
Financial Manager
Marketing Manager
IT System Manager

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MBA, Mercer University
BS, Mercer Uniersity
BS, Chung-Ang University


DBA, Southern California University
MBA, Southern California University


D Min, Erskine Theological Seminary
MATS, Erskine Theological Seminary
MACE,Erskine Theological Seminary

M Div, Erskine Theological Seminary