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Tuition Payment Policy

Tuition for a class must be paid before course work begins, unless the student opts for Financing Plan described in Financial Information section.  The University reserves the right to collect any unpaid financial obligations by any means necessary for any education services and/or training provided.  Students may use electronic funds transfer, personal or business checks, cashier’s check or money order.


Full payment of tuition and fees is due by the registration deadline which is posted each trimester. Payments may be made in cash, check, or credit card.


A payment plan is offered to students whose tuition exceeds $2,000 per trimester. Payment can be made in 2 or 3 installments for each quarter. All monies owed for any reason must be paid in full before registering for a subsequent trimester unless other arrangements have been made with the Business Office. Please contact the Business Office for specific details.

Tuition Refund Policy

AUHS ensures that all monies paid by a prospective student, including application fee, are refunded if the student requests a refund within three (3) business days after signing a contract.


AUHS ensures that deposits or down payments are credited as tuition payments unless clearly identified on receipt by AUHS as application or other fees.


AUHS charges an application fee ensures that the amount ($100 maximum) is stated; it is charged only once; the applicant previously withdrew from AUHS. If a student withdraws from AUHS for any reason, the student is not liable for any unpaid portion of the application fee.


AUHS charges for fee, books and supplies which are in addition to tuition:


Identifies in the catalog the specific purposes for the charges; refunds any unused portion of the fees if a student withdraws before completing fifty (50) percent of the period of enrollment except for; items that were special ordered for a particular student and cannot be used or sold to another student; items that were returned in a condition that prevents them from being used by or sold to new students; non-refundable fees for goods and/or services provided by third party vendors.


AUHS ensures that the following criteria is used to calculate refunds; the last date of attendance by the student.


AUHS ensures that; refunds are based on tuition paid for segments of the instructional program as described by the institution in the enrollment agreement, i.e., trimester, semester, but in no case more than twelve (12) months; if AUHS’s refund policy is more favorable to the student than NPEC’s, it will refund the student the greater amount; refunds are made in full to the student within forty-five (45) days of the date of withdrawal; refunds are determined based on the proration of tuition and percentage of program completed at withdrawal, up until 50% of the program.


If a student withdraws after completing 50% of the program, no refund of tuition is required; this policy only applies to full withdrawals and it is up to AUHS to determine policies for refunds for partial (course) withdrawals.


AUHS’s Extenuating circumstances such as injury, prolonged illness or death or other circumstances which prohibit completion of the course or program of study, may be granted when a student exceeds the allotted number of absences. The Attendance Review Committee shall be the judge of extenuating circumstances following the student's request for consideration.


After a student has missed 10 or more days of school in any class during a single term and they have a legitimate reason not covered by any other policy, the student will need to request an extenuating circumstances packet from the main office. This completed packet is returned to the main office. It is then forwarded to the committee for review and consideration.


Students are expected to do everything within their power to make up missed class time and assignments before filing for extenuating circumstances. This will include insuring that all absences are legitimately covered by the excused absence policies and that the extended day classes have been utilized appropriately. For extended illness or other medical care that results in missed class time, a doctor’s note must be obtained by the student or parent.


The Extenuating Circumstance Appeals Committee may approve a late withdrawal and/or tuition credit for emergencies that exist beyond the student’s control preventing compliance with the established dates and deadlines for that term. 


To receive an Extenuating Circumstance Appeal packet, students must first meet with their program director.


Students must submit a completed Extenuating Circumstance Appeal packet and supporting documentation within one calendar year from the end of the trimester for which the student is appealing.

The Extenuating Circumstance Appeal packet must include all required application forms and all supporting documentation. Completed Extenuating Circumstance Appeal packets will be reviewed and the student will be notified by email or the phone number on file of the committee’s decision within 30 calendar days. Written notification will also be mailed to the student’s address on file.


The appeal packet must include all required signatures to be considered.


The Extenuating Circumstance Appeal will be denied if the student failed to comply with the deadline if the extenuating circumstance allowed for submission in a timely manner.

If an appeal is denied, a student may request to have the appeal reconsidered by the committee, only if the student can supply additional documentation to support the extenuating circumstance. When a second review is requested, the decision made by the committee is final.


Students who have received financial aid and are granted an Extenuating Circumstance Appeal may not receive refunds. Credit balances will be used to repay federal aid first.


AUHS that cancels or changes a program of study or course (time or location) in such a way that a student who has started the program or course is unable to continue; makes arrangements in a timely manner to accommodate the needs of each student enrolled in the program; Or refunds all money paid by the student for the program of study or course if alternative arrangements determined by NPEC to be equitable to both AUHS and the student not possible.