Atlanta University of Health Science strives to be a state-of-the-art educational organization and career-readiness model in State of Georgia and beyond and will be recognized an exemplary model for the integration and translation of inter-professional knowledge into the preparation of exceptional scholars and healthcare professionals


Atlanta University of Health Science is a Christian-based institution of higher education that empowers, engages, trains, and educates productive, competent, and ethical professionals of successful careers in healthcare and business for the Glory of God.


All members of Atlanta University of Health Science community embody the intention of improving lives exponentially by supporting health and well-being through our daily actions. The core values that drive Atlanta University of Health Science are:

  • Excellence in Teaching, Research, Scholarship and Management

  • Respect for Diverse Societies and to Fight for Justice

  • Commitment to Life-Long Learning and Teaching

  • Effective Career Development Opportunities

Institutional Objectves

AUHS accomplishes its mission by pursuing the following objectives:

• To prepare students to pass licensure and/or certification exams required to become licensed or certified healthcare
• To further the understanding of the profession of Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, and bodywork therapy through
  dialogue with other members of the healthcare community and the public at large.
• To produce graduates who are capable of meeting healthcare needs in various healthcare environments.
• To produce graduates who possess the knowledge and skills for today’s evolving and diverse business settings.
• To build partnerships with business communities and professional organizations.
• To provide high quality academic and support services that foster student persistence and achievement.
• To attract, engage, and retain qualified faculty and staff by sustaining an environment of collegiality and
• To foster creative, critical, ethical, and logical thinking to solve problems, make decisions, and build stronger
• To promote lifelong learning as a means of personal and professional growth.

Ethical Standards


The Ethical Standards at Atlanta University of Health Science express ethical principles and guidelines for the conduct of all AUHS employees. All employees, including Administrators, faculty, and staff, should be familiar with the standards, understand their application to their position, and conduct and adhere to their principles. Atlanta University of Health Science subscribes to the following ethical principles:


  • Transactions: The University’s transactions are to be conducted with honesty, transparency, fairness, professionalism, and in compliance with the law.

  • University contracts shall not be awarded on the basis of personal favoritism, nepotism, political considerations or based on any other consideration that is extraneous to the merits of the contemplated transaction.

  • Employees must maintain the confidentiality of confidential information entrusted to them, except when disclosure is authorized by an appropriate officer of the University or required by law.

  • Compliance with the Law: When conducting the affairs of the University, employees must comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

  • Timely and Truthful Public Disclosures: Employees involved in the preparation of financial documents, public communications, and other documents are required to make disclosures that are complete, accurate, and timely.

  • Employees must never accept any gift or benefit that might influence their decisions on the job.

  • Misrepresentations: Employees will not engage in conduct which constitutes a substantial misrepresentation of the University, including the nature of its educational programs, financial charges, or the employ-ability of its graduates.